• My First 40s Coat

    Things are quite December-y around here, bare and cold, but I still have some photos left from earlier in the fall, so you’ll have to bear with a few slightly less seasonal posts, including this one. Although everything looks quite green, I assure you that it was actually freezing, which made it a perfect day to wear one of my proudest new acquisitions, my very first 1940s coat!

    vintage 1940s forest green swing coat with curly lamb collar and enormous sleeves paired with a tilt hat with green ribbon decoration and a sage green suit

    I picked up this coat around midsummer for a song (I think $25) due to its less-than-perfect condition. The insides of the shoulders were badly damaged, and the shoulder seams had been very shoddily reinforced by someone who did not quite understand how to sew. When I got the coat home, I set about undoing and redoing the shoulder seams (the shoulders could still use a good steaming) and making new shoulder pads to replace the disintegrating ones.

    A black tilt hat is topped with rows of green felt curls to match a vintage 1940s green swing coat trimmed with curly lamb

    Unfortunately, the beautiful curly lamb collar is also pretty much shot. Part of my reason for taking these pictures was so that I could document the original collar in all its glory before I removed it from the coat!

  • Thanks Giving

    Well, Thanksgiving is over, the leftovers are packaged up, and at least here in the United States that means it’s officially time to get into full-on Christmas mode! We got our tree up yesterday and have listened to all of Chanticleer’s Christmas albums.

    Vintage raspberry pink rayon dress paired with green sweater and shoes

    So this seems as good a time as any to reflect a bit on thankfulness and gratitude. In spite of all the things going on in the world this year, I feel like I have a lot to be thankful for! A wonderful loving finace, a wedding date in the calendar (finally!), a good job, the incredibly vibrant and supportive vintage community, leftover pie for breakfast… many good things.

    I actually managed to get Doug in the pictures instead of just behind the camera! The photos on the blog are a combination of pictures taken by me with a tripod and pictures taken by Doug as my human tripod (Okay, I want you to stand here and I’ve set the exposure and you just need to press the button…) although as time goes on he’s begun to pick up some more camera knowledge, and I’ll make a photographer out of him yet!

  • A Study in Sage

    As the weather gets colder and soggier and the days get shorter (and shorter and shorter!), the whole photography part of blogging gets trickier. It’s a bit challenging to find a well-lit corner of the house to take pictures in, but with a little creativity a corner of the downstairs guest room/study works in a pinch. If I make a regular habit of this, though I’ll need to clean the bookshelf!

    1940s sage green suit with rich brown accessories and fur trim

    This sage green suit is a favorite of mine for the colder months, and I love how it looks paired with a rich brown, so I was looking forward to wearing it with my new Dolores pumps from Royal Vintage Shoes. Since I shortened the heel straps I’ve been wearing them quite a bit with my fall 40s looks. I feel like finishing an outfit with brown instead of black gives it a much softer look, which seems appropriate for muted-color times of year like fall and spring.

    Classic Old Hollywood style with a soft sage green 1940s suit and rich brown fur collar and hat

    The other benefit of taking pictures indoors is that nobody is looking at you funny or walking into the frame when you’re about to take a picture… so I usually end up with more pictures (and more silly pictures) than if I were out in public! All that to say, there are a whooooole lot of pictures under the break.

  • Novembery

    Winter hasn’t quite kicked in yet, and we still haven’t had a real freeze yet this fall, but things are definitely starting to look a bit November-y. Sure, there’s still some lingering fall color, but we’re well on our way to drab and brown for a month or so until the snow decides to show up.

    Subdued autumn vintage outfit with a black jacket and hat with curly lamb trim and a neutral plaid skirt with splashes of warm brown and grey

    I haven’t been doing a great job at taking and posting pictures in a timely or organized manner, so I’ve still got a bit of fall in the backlog! And I’m not too terribly eager for winter to come, since it’s all I can do now to avoid spending all day hiding under a blanket and drinking tea.

    A touch of curly lamb on the hips of this black 1950s suit jacket gives it a wintery flair

    These pictures are actually from the very beginning of the month, when I went out after work to hear Doug’s choir sing the Fauré requiem for All Souls Day. Somber colors for somber music.

  • Vote!

    It’s election day! The polls have just closed in my state, but if you live further west and happen to be a registered voter who hasn’t gotten to the polls yet, I urge you to do so! For those of us who have already voted, it looks like it’s shaping up to be a long night of results-watching and nail biting as we wait to see who won.

    1940s election day patriotic red white and blue outfit with brown accents

    I of course had to get all dressed up to vote if only on principle… I just got the red skirt in the mail in the last few weeks, so it was the perfect opportunity to wear it out!

    An "I Voted!" sticker is proudly displayed in the foreground by a woman wearing a patriotic colored vintage 1940s jacket and hat

    Some of the ensemble was a bit make-do-and-mend, though, like the Erstwilder “Brahminy Bryan” brooch, because if you squint hard enough a brahminy kite almost looks like a bald eagle, right?