• Prepare for Liftoff

    Time has just been flying by for me lately, although in way it also feels like it’s standing still! I started to sit down to write this post and thought “You know, for how busy I’ve been, I’ve really been keeping up with the blog! I just did a post a few days ago…” Um, no. If by a “few days” I meant more than 10, maybe! So time is clearly whizzing by, even if I feel like I’m barely moving.

    A summery retro look with Trashy Diva's Sci-Fi-Rockets print and a solid red skirt

    To celebrate this new quick pace, I’m wearing my newly acquired Trashy Diva Sci-Fi Rockets bolero. The Sci-Fi Rockets print is pretty much my favorite print from Trashy Diva to date, and definitely my favorite space-themed novelty print. I missed it when it was originally released (I was too poor and student-y) and I’ve been stalking it ever since. When my friend Sara told me she’d be willing to part with her bolero I jumped on the opportunity immediately!

    Sci-Fi Rockets print bolero from Trashy Diva features atomic-styled spaceships and planets in red, blue, white, and gold.

    I’m still holding out for a chance to purchase one of the dresses some day, but I’m thrilled to have this piece in my collection for now!

  • On Repeat

    I often feel a lot of pressure as a blogger (real or imagined? I don’t know…) to avoid repeating dresses or outfits on the blog. I feel like as a good blogger I should always try to show something “new”, and often I avoid wearing favorite outfits on multiple outings because I’ve already photographed them for the blog.

    1940s bow and flower print dress in bold aqua paired with an olive tilt hat and shell pink shoes

    Which is to say… this is a repeat. I’ve worn this dress before here, and I even paired it with the same hat! Horrors. I did manage to swap out the belt, shoes, and earrings at least!

    Cut felt flowers grace the side of a moss green 1940s tilt hat

    So I guess this makes me a bad blogger or something, but I must say, I like this hat with this dress, and I’m absolutely sure I’ll be wearing them together again. Will I take pictures for the blog? Maybe, maybe not…

  • Two if by Sea

    Whoo… it’s been quite a week. I have some other posts to share with you, and a new finished sewing project, but my brain is completely fried so right now you’re getting a picture of an outfit I wore a couple weekends back and a little babbling… you’re all here for the pretty pictures, right?

    Trashy Diva Deep Sea Coral 1940s dress paired with a vintage navy tilt hat

    Doug and I went out for lunch and to look around shops, so I took my newest deep sea coral dress out for a whirl. I think the Trashy Diva 1940s dress is probably the most wearable style I’ve tried so far in this print, and I like that it gives me an excuse to wear this silly little navy 1940s tilt hat.

    Trashy Diva Deep Sea Coral 1940s dress paired with a vintage navy tilt hat

  • Red Hat Club

    Two weekends ago, Doug and I spent Saturday and Sunday stuffed into a small lecture hall with about a hundred other people for the required Catholic wedding prep classes. It wasn’t exactly the most exciting way to spend a weekend, but at least it got us out of the house and gave me an excuse to get properly dressed for a change.

    Vintage late 40s or early 50s ensemble featuring a pale purple dress with a red hat and shoes

    I posted Saturday’s outfit a few days ago. For Sunday I knew I wanted to wear another hat and something relatively comfortable for sitting all day. I decided to add the cherry brooch and a black belt to break up the red and purple theme a bit. I admit that wearing purple with red always makes me feel a little Red Hat Society… Fortunately, nobody made any comments about my color choices while I was out and about.

    Red and purple compliment each other nicely in this vintage outfit featuring a red hat with a tall feather and a wooden cherry brooch with lots of retro charm

  • Right on Target

    I have been holding on to this tiny 1940s hat for a good two years, since I went to Rhode Island to visit Whitney and picked up a sad little stained and discolored black and natural straw tilt hat with a lot of potential and a low price tag.

    1940s wheat-print dress paired with a red skirt and bulls-eye vintage hat

    I tried a couple times to clean the hat up, but the staining wouldn’t come out and it was too discolored to be wearable. I even tried dyeing it green once (I’ve got a picture of it here… it wasn’t great) but the dye didn’t cover well and it didn’t really set either.

    1940s wheat-print dress paired with a red skirt, bakelite, and bulls-eye vintage hat

    I’d been lamenting a few gaps in my 40s hat color wheel, and so I decided to take one more stab at fixing this hat. I posted the progress on Instagram while I was working on it, and I took the new and improved version on its inaugural spin with my new red-and-black 40s dress… a perfect match!