• Icy Blue for a Snowy Day

    Well… we had a snowstorm. One icy blast of winter last Saturday that made everything look like a winter wonderland for a few days, but looking outside a week later you’d never know. Fortunately, I had a good excuse to get dressed and get out while things were still snowy and picturesque.

    1950s vintage winter outfit featuring a black hat with blue feathers, black and white wool and velvet dress, black princess coat, overshoes, and blue gloves

    Cold days are a great excuse to pull out one of my favorite winter dresses. I’ve worn it a few times before and I’m sure this won’t be its last appearance this winter! It’s just so warm and fuzzy, and I can stick a long-sleeved thermal under it and nobody’s the wiser.

    Black vintage wool felt hat with a ruffled brim and swirls of ice blue feathers at the temples

    I also took the opportunity to wear one of my favorite tricky-to-style hats. I love everything about it except figuring out how to put it on my head! I had to go digging through the archives to see how I’d worn it before, and it looks like last time I popped the crown down for a more ’40s look. I’ll have to remember that trick next time around!

  • Those Wintertime Blues

    1940s vintage ensemble in blue and purple with a suit jacket and plaid Pendleton Turnabout skirt

    I won’t lie… although I love cold weather and I love having four distinct seasons, sometimes winter can feel pretty drab. Everything is brown, the days are too short, and the sky is just grey. It can be a bit of a drag. And we keep just getting rain, not snow. Snow would at least make things pretty. Of course, January is really just the start of proper winter and as I type this we’re forecast to have several inches of real honest sticks-to-the-ground snow this afternoon… so perhaps next time I write I’ll be singing a different tune.

    1940s royal purple suit jacket with asymmetric button details paired with ice blue

    I always like to liven up my winter days (and, to be honest, most days) with a pop of color. Purple is a really good color for that in my book.

  • To A New Year

    Another year gone and another year older! Having a birthday right before the new year is a pain for getting people to come over and eat cake but it does make a tidy way to pair up the calendar new year with the Frances new year. I know this has been a challenging year for a lot of people, but although I feel rather sheepish admitting it I actually had a pretty phenomenal go of it in 2016.

    Vintage outfit featuring a royal blue suit with head scarf and black pumps

    Unfortunately the last week of 2016 decided to knock me down with a nasty head cold, so you’ll have to excuse my somewhat bleary and red-about-the-nose look in these photos and the somewhat stream-of-consciousness style of this post. I got the brooch and earring set which I’d been eyeing as Christmas presents from my love and he got the skirt which I’d put in my Etsy favorites as a possible option to complete this suit as well. It obviously doesn’t quite match, but I think it’s good enough for government work, as they say.

    Vintage outfit featuring a royal blue suit with head scarf and black faux confetti lucite jewelry from Luxulite

  • Dreaming of a White Christmas

    I hope you all had a very joyful holiday, be it Christmas or something else. I managed to get through Christmas eve relatively healthy, but unfortunately I’ve come down with some sort of head cold and spent most of Christmas day sniffling. It was a lovely day all the same, and certainly it was nice to feel entirely justified loafing around all day.

    Vintage Christmas outfit featuring a red skirt suit with white fur accessories in the snow

    We didn’t have a white Christmas at all, and even though I went outside to grab these winter wonderland-y pictures earlier in the week, all the snow is long gone thanks to a few rainy days.

    Vintage Christmas outfit featuring a red skirt suit with white fur accessories in the snow

  • Festive

    Well, I don’t know where the time went, but the holidays are just around the corner. I’ve been taking every opportunity to dress up in fancy clothes and look festive, since the holiday season doesn’t last forever.

    Festive red and green 1950s inspired Christmas holiday outfit

    I do love all the sparkly accessories that I get to wear for the holidays, especially these Miss L Fire Gabrielle pumps that I got last holiday season from Royal Vintage Shoes. Miss L Fire, if you’re listening, I’d like a pair of these in royal purple… can we make that happen?

    Miss L Fire Gabrielle rhinestone-studded suede pumps in green from Royal Vintage Shoes