• In My Sunday Best

    Religion and politics are, naturally, things that a person tries to avoid discussing with strangers. And in a way, all of you lovely readers are strangers… at least, although you may know me (or the bits of a character of me that writes this blog), I certainly don’t know all of you. And I am always hesitant to write much about my church singing for fear of appearing dogmatic and offending half my readers or appearing mercenary and offending the other half.

    1940s novelty dress accessorized with a straw and feather tilt hat and black pumps

    I think though, religious affiliations or lack thereof aside, we can agree that in America there is a strong association between Easter and Big Hats. I still haven’t picked out my Easter bonnet at the time of writing this post, so I’m sharing the hat I wore last week, which I think is quite worthy of the occasion and which I would not hesitate to wear on Easter Sunday except that I wore it last week.

    A New York Creations tilt hat with towering feathers is a perfect finishing touch with a vintage 1940s novelty print dress in shades of aqua and tan

  • A Ray of Sunshine

    I’ve probably mentioned a time or three how yellow really isn’t my color. I’m not terribly sure about it in general, and I’m definitely suspicious of it in large amounts.

    Midcentury late winter outfit featuring a tawny yellow overcoat, black jacket, gold dress, and black bag, hat, and shoes.

    So naturally when SweetBeeFinds previewed this sunny yellow jersey dress on Instagram I immediately wanted to buy it… even though it is yellow, and a LOT of yellow. I think the perpetual dullness of winter is to blame… after months of brown and grey dead stuff with no snow even on the ground to pretty things up a person starts to want a little color!

    A goldenrod yellow vintage jersey knit dress with a row of buttons down the front is set off by a black blazer and a lucite large scimitar brooch

    As you can see, the one change I did make was to remove the linen and lace collar and cuffs from the dress. Don’t worry, they’ve been labeled and saved for the next owner, but on me they did the dress and my complexion no favors.

  • Gettin Real Sick of Your Nonsense, Winter...

    Some days, it’s Just Too Cold Out to go take pictures outside, and I’m stuck looking for a room with halfway decent natural light in my house. Clearly, this room isn’t it… It’s okay, though, I’m sure it will warm up some day, and then I can take pictures outside! I’d originally picked out different shoes for this outfit, but they had a small mishap, so I’ll need to clean them up and then wear this ensemble again!

    Deep burgundy 1940s suit paired with brown and petal pink accessories

    Burgundy 1940s suit paired with 1950s moonglow lucite jewelry and a brown fur tilt hat

  • Confection in Pink

    I swear I don’t know where the time has gone this year. I think “Oh, surely I just posted a few days ago, I’ll have another post up soon”, and then the month is only over and I’ve only posted once. Quite the mystery.

    Anyway, continuing to work through the photo backlog not entirely in chronological order! I thought this would be a good outfit to share today as I’m planning on wearing the same hat to my church gig this morning!

    1940s chocolate brown suit paired with a raspberry pink blouse and hat

    The church I work at now doesn’t go the full nine yards with all the pageantry, but for special liturgical seasons I like to make an effort to have my hat match the vestments, just for fun. Mostly this means I wear purple during Lent and Advent and try to remember to get out my red hat for Pentecost. Now, there are two Sundays a year where the purple can optionally be pink (ahem, rose) and although most churches don’t have the vestments for it, I can at least wear a pink hat!

    1940s tilt hat in pink topped with a cluster of velvet flowers, paired with a brown suit and raspberry pussy-bow blouse

    Anyway, today is one of those such Sundays (Laetare Sunday, named for the first word of the introit in the chant) and so I will be wearing this hat.

  • Winter Blues

    Hi guys! I… um… it’s been a while? I wrote this post a bit back and then got distracted by things like being sick, work, and getting a new video game that caused my computer monitor to be abducted for the cause… so assume all times and dates in this post are a week or two old!

    I worked from home all last week thanks to the very complicated process of moving from a desk on the 4th floor to a desk on the 3rd floor, and I figured this would be a good time pt continue with my series of outfits that match my collection of “You Are Here” mugs!

    50s inspired low-key workwear outfit with a black sweater and a blue plaid skirt with huge hip pockets

    Today’s mug is my Niagara Falls mug, which I picked up (naturally) in Niagara falls on a road trip to Wisconsin. I’ve only gotten to see the falls from the American side, so someday I would love to cross over and have a look from the Canadian side… I’m sure the view is spectacular!

    Starbucks Niagara Falls "You Are Here" collection mug in shades of blue and grey

    At present, though, I don’t have much in the way of spectacular views. Just cold weather (again), the last of the melting snow, and a nice cup of tea.