• Red Hat Club

    Two weekends ago, Doug and I spent Saturday and Sunday stuffed into a small lecture hall with about a hundred other people for the required Catholic wedding prep classes. It wasn’t exactly the most exciting way to spend a weekend, but at least it got us out of the house and gave me an excuse to get properly dressed for a change.

    Vintage late 40s or early 50s ensemble featuring a pale purple dress with a red hat and shoes

    I posted Saturday’s outfit a few days ago. For Sunday I knew I wanted to wear another hat and something relatively comfortable for sitting all day. I decided to add the cherry brooch and a black belt to break up the red and purple theme a bit. I admit that wearing purple with red always makes me feel a little Red Hat Society… Fortunately, nobody made any comments about my color choices while I was out and about.

    Red and purple compliment each other nicely in this vintage outfit featuring a red hat with a tall feather and a wooden cherry brooch with lots of retro charm

  • Right on Target

    I have been holding on to this tiny 1940s hat for a good two years, since I went to Rhode Island to visit Whitney and picked up a sad little stained and discolored black and natural straw tilt hat with a lot of potential and a low price tag.

    1940s wheat-print dress paired with a red skirt and bulls-eye vintage hat

    I tried a couple times to clean the hat up, but the staining wouldn’t come out and it was too discolored to be wearable. I even tried dyeing it green once (I’ve got a picture of it here… it wasn’t great) but the dye didn’t cover well and it didn’t really set either.

    1940s wheat-print dress paired with a red skirt, bakelite, and bulls-eye vintage hat

    I’d been lamenting a few gaps in my 40s hat color wheel, and so I decided to take one more stab at fixing this hat. I posted the progress on Instagram while I was working on it, and I took the new and improved version on its inaugural spin with my new red-and-black 40s dress… a perfect match!

  • By Silver Lake

    I suppose that technically we’re just past the dog days of summer, and I’m hoping that the weather got the memo! It’s been meltingly hot these past few weeks, and humid too!

    A late summer look playing on the classic combo of black, white, and red with a few pops of the other primary colors for good measure

    My 40s peasant blouse has been in heavy rotation, naturally. I’ve contemplated making another one, but what color would I choose? It seems like white is really the only sensible choice for the hottest days of summer, and I don’t really need two white peasant blouses…

    A dramatically ruffled peasant blouse paired with a vintage 1950s piano and music note novelty print skirt is set off by a red belt and a stack of primary colored Bakelite bangles

  • Science Fiction: Advance 7757

    I know, it’s been rather quiet on the sewing front around here lately! I’ve been spending more time working and as my closet gets more complete (and since right now I’m actually lacking a physical closet to store my clothing) I find that I have less desire to sew.

    This spring, though, I found myself with a few spare hours to put together, a strong desire to just make something, and some really delightful science-themed novelty print fabric.

    Science themed novelty print retro dress handmade from Advance 7757 in the style of a Swirl dress. Orange, lime green, and teal pop against the navy background.

    I’d been hoping to make another one of these faux-Swirl dresses since I wear my first one quite a bit. I was initially hoping to find some sort of breakfast or coffee themed novelty print since the dress basically serves as a glorified bathrobe many mornings, but it seemed like the best pattern that I had on hand for this silly science fabric, so the choice was made.

    A bright novelty print really pops at a distance

    Now I know I said I made this early this spring… well, when I bought the fabric I knew I wanted a coordinating solid color to make the belt, and for whatever reason I didn’t just buy the quarter yard of solid cotton then while I was thinking about it… no, I finished the whole dang dress and let it languish for a good couple months before I got around to going back to the fabric store!

  • Deep Sea Coral

    One of my favorite clothing “cheats”, if you will, is the fold-a-dress-in-half-and-pretend-it’s-a-skirt.

    Trashy Diva Trixie halter dress in Deep Sea Coral being worn as a skirt with a grey-blue t-shirt and coral accessories

    It gives me some extra mix-and-match options, and it’s especially useful for dresses that are awesome but require a lot of planning or commitment to wear (halter tops, I’m looking at you) which would otherwise languish at the back of the closet.

    Trashy Diva Deep Sea Coral print in white, grey, blue, and pink paired with a grey-blue blouse and pink belt