A belated Merry Christmas & early Happy New Year!  I had a good Christmas and I got some good presents… mostly kitchen-y stuff, but I also got a new point&shoot camera!  The pictures in this post were taken with that camera… sorry about the sub-par quality.  I’ll still be blogging mostly with my good camera, which is a Canon Rebel XSi.  The little one is just fun because it’s pocket sized & waterproof!
On to the nails…

 Over the holidays I did two designs, both with basically the same colors.  The concept was OK for both… but the execution on one of them left a lot to be desired.
When I was at Ulta a couple weeks ago they were having a buy two/get 1 free sale on China Glaze, which I used as an excuse to pick up a bottle of Ruby Pumps and Matte Magic.  As my “free” polish, I decided to get Midnight Mission from the Vintage Vixen collection, so that’s the central color in both these manicures.
Cast of Characters:

  • Sinful Colors Basecoat
  • China Glaze “Midnight Mission” ($5.99 @ Ulta.  This color is a gorgeous dark blue with tons of silver microglitter (am I using the term correctly?).  I only needed two coats to get full coverage, and I could almost get away with one.  I love it… it reminds me of a winter night.  I’m going to have to try wearing it a few more times this winter.)
  • Jesse’s Girl “North Star” ($2 or $3 I think @ CVS pharmacy… or maybe Rite Aid.  I bought this polish 2 years ago, so I’m a bit fuzzy on the specifics.  It’s a really glittery metallic silver… super dense & tiny silver glitter in a silver base?  A clear base?  I’m not sure.  It’s very pigmented, though.  The only real problem I have with this polish is that it’s in a rectangular bottle with a rectangular lid, and dudes, the lid does not line back up with the bottle when you tighten it.  I know it’s a little gripe, but man does it ever bother my obsessive tendancies.)
  • NYC “French White Tip” ($.99 @ just about anywhere nail polish is sold.)
  • Sally Hansen Diamond Strength “Diamonds” ($?? This is an old bottle… check out the chipping on the lid & how yellow the polish looks!  It still goes on clear enough, though.  This is a (nominally) clear polish with lots of tiny silver glitter & maybe translucent glitter too?  Point being, sparkly!)
  • Seche Vite topcoat
  • Dotting tool

  • Start with clean, dry nails & a well-ventilated space.
  • Put on your basecoat, let dry.
  • Paint all nails with Midnight Mission.  I only needed two thin coats.
  • Dab a little bit of North Star on a clean piece of paper.  With the dotting tool, pick up a little polish and make a crescent of dots along the cuticle and outside edge of the nail.  Re-dip the dotting tool as needed, and wipe it off after every two or three dips so that polish doesn’t build up on it too much.
  • Top with Seche Vite or the topcoat of your choice.

…Um.  Those are the fails.  I was inspired by Tartofraises’ Noel nails.  Unfortunately, I am not crazy skilled like she is & my nails aren’t nearly as long, so instead I got kind of messy nails.  I’m sure someone more ambidextrous than me could make something like this work… but not me, yet.