Hello!  With all the holiday wossnames going on & the home WiFi that my computer Does Not Talk To, I’ve been a bit remiss with my posting duties.  I’ve been doing my nails & taking pictures of them, it’s just that I’ve had precious little time to blog.  Also, PHEW that I have no readers, since I realized that in my last post, I left in a placeholder that I’d meant to replace with real content.  La la la, you never noticed that, it’s all fixed now.
My birthday is only a few days after Christmas, so I put on a few coats of China Glaze’s “Naughty and Nice” to tide me over until it was time to do a sparkly manicure.
You might have noticed that the pictures in my last post weren’t quite the same quality as the rest of the images I’ve been posting.  As far as I can tell, the culprit is my snazzy new Christmas camera.  It’s cute and green and waterproof (!!!!) but it just doesn’t capture images, especially at close range, as crisply and beautifully as my DSLR. 

 Little camera on the left, fatty camera on the right.  Interesting, isn’t it?  I think, whenever possible, I’m going to try to stick to using the big camera for my blogging.  I like the results so much better.  This is what the little guy looks like:
 And here’s the other side (Plus another shot of Naughty or Nice), with bonus big honkin’ camera in the screen reflection.
 By the time my birthday rolled around, I only had minimal tip wear and it seemed a shame to remove polish that was good and intact, so I did a gradient on my tips with China Glaze’s Mrs. Claus.  I’m really fond of this combination.  Since the two polishes came together in the Merry Mint gift pack, it’s nice that they play well together.
 On my birthday I also received a surprise package that I’d sent myself… a Konad stamper!  I’ve been dying to try out Konad/Fauxnad nail art, so I ordered the Bundle Monster plates, a Konad stamper, and Konad plate M19 (the French tips) from Amazon with some of my Christmas money.  I’m still waiting on the Bundle Monster plates, but the other two are already here & my next manicure uses that M19 plate.  I’ll post a review of everything once I get the rest of the plates… the preliminary results are looking good, though!

 I'm so excited for the rest of the plates to come!

Cast of Characters:

  • Sinful Colors Basecoat
  • China Glaze Naughty and Nice ($5.99 @ Sally Beauty or $6.50 at Ulta.  This is a fun color... it's a dark, vampy burgundy color.  It applies with a jelly-like consistency, and takes 3 coats to build up to a suitable opacity.  You can see that I had some trouble applying it neatly... the picture at the very top is overexposed in sunlight so you can get a better idea of how it actually applies.  Although this color looks very dark in low-light situations, I don't think it's quite dark enough to appear black.  I like it.)
  • China Glaze Mrs. Claus
  • Seche Vite topcoat
  • Start with clean, dry nails & a well-ventilated space.
  • Put on your basecoat, let dry.
  • Paint all your nails with Naughty and Nice.  You'll probably need three coats.  Let dry.  If you want, you can slap on a coat of Seche Vite now and walk around with this color on until the tipwear starts to bug you.  Then...
  • With Mrs. Claus, wipe most of the polish off the brush and paint a very thin coat about halfway up the nail.
  • Repeat with slightly more polish on the brush and only go a quarter of the way up the nail.
  • Dab a bit more on the very tip if it doesn't look like there's enough.
  • Top everything with a coat of Seche Vite or your favorite quick-dry topcoat.  Two coats of topcoat would even things out more, but I was in a hurry & only did one.  You should probably wrap your tips though, by tapping the side of the brush along the tip of each nail before putting on the rest of your topcoat.  The glitter from Mrs. Claus has a pesky tendency to hang over the edges of the nail and be sharp, which I don't like very much.