I told you they wouldn't be seasonal!  When these come off, though, I'm going to try to get back in the holiday spirit.  My parents asked me to come hear their Christmas concert tomorrow and then I'm singing a surprise Halleluia Chorus and a Christmas Eve service... so I suppose I'd better get my Christmas spirit going a little stronger.
I think my short break from holiday spirit is excusable, though, just because this polish is so much fun.  It's Claire's Mood Polish in Calm/Wild, and it changes color, pretty much instantly, based on the temperature.  Now, supposedly on normal warm-blooded people, if you have any free edge on your nails it'll stay the "cold" color, while your nail bed turns the "warm" color, making a cute & easy funky french.  Unfortunately, if your apartment has no heat and you are apparently part lizard, like me, your nails will look more like the top picture... sort of a medium magenta color with a slight gradient.  In the picture above, I rinsed my hand with cold water and then dipped my first two fingers in a cup of hot water, so you can see the color change.  It's pretty dramatic.  I wish they had more winter-y colors, though, because seeing your tips change color every time you wash your hands or go outside or pick up a cup of cocoa is pretty fun.
Cast of Characters:
  • Sinful Colors basecoat
  • Claire's Mood polish in "Calm/Wild" ($5 at Claire's... although they're almost always having a bogo on cosmetics, so pick up another one too while you're there.  My favorites are Happy/Earthy and Flirty/Shy.)
  • NYC Black Lace Creme ($.99, almost anywhere nail polish is sold.  I'm not a huge fan of it, but it's cheap and works OK for art purposes.)
  • Seche Vite topcoat
  • Dotting tool and/or mechanical pencil (and I must say... I kind of like the pencil more.)
  • Start with clean, dry nails & a well-ventilated space.
  • Put on your basecoat, let dry.
  • Paint all your nails with Calm/Wild.  The application on this polish is pretty good, but it's extremely sheer, so be prepared to use at least 3 coats to get it opaque enough.  It dries very quickly, though, so even with lots of coats it won't take too long.
  • Get your black polish, a piece of paper or plastic (I either use scrap paper or old gift cards... this will be your painter's palate) and your pencil/dotting tool ready.  It may also be helpful to have a paper towel to wipe your dotting tool off on so it doesn't build up too much polish.
  • Make hearts on your chosen fingers:

  • Dab a bit of black polish on your palate and use the dotting tool or pencil to make 3 dots in a mickey-mouse-head formation on your nail.
  • With the pencil, drag through the dots lightly to make a point at the bottom and smooth out the sides.
  • Once you've made all the hearts you want, let them dry slightly and then slick over everything with a layer of Seche Vite.  To avoid smearing your designs, use a generous amount of polish and glide the brush lightly over the top, avoiding pressing the bristles all the way down to the surface of the nail. 

One last picture, the hearts on my right hand.  I'm right-handed, so I think if I do freehand art, you ought to see what it looks like drawn with the left hand too.  The hearts were actually pretty easy... they're a good starter shape if you're just starting to do nail art.
Happy polishing 'till next time!