Hello boys and girls, if there are any boys out there reading this, which I somewhat doubt, but, I digress.
I hope you're all doing well, now that the holidays are over and we've all been rudely thrust back into normal life.  I am somewhat fortunate in that I don't have to go back to school until the 24th, but there's still plenty of real-world that needs to get done.  On the other hand, there's also plenty of time for sparkles and nail polish and fun things, too.  Thank goodness.
I have a few goodies coming up... a general Konad/Fauxnad stamping tutorial (I want to get some better pictures of a few steps, but I might just bite the bullet and upload what I have.  I can always update it later...), a product review, and my very first Zoya polishes winging their way to me from the 3 Free promotion (I ordered Charla, Gwin, and Pippa).

Okay, enough of that, here are today's nails!  I've been wanting to try out a grey creme polish for a while now, and I finally picked one up at Walmart the other day while looking for Hard Candy's nail polish line.  My mom's side of the family are all avid fisherpeople, and I fish when I go up to visit them in Wisconsin, so I thought it would be fun to try out the fish skeleton pattern from my Bundle Monster plates.

 I was aiming for an understated note, so I only stamped the dead fish on two nails per hand.  Next time, I think I'm going to go a little more overboard with it! I'm sure I'll be wearing some variant on this manicure next time I go up to visit my grandparents.

Cast of Characters:
  • Sinful Colors basecoat
  • Pure Ice "Kiss Me Here" ($2 @ Walmart.  Interesting name...  Medium grey creme, 2 coat coverage, fabulous application.  What more could you want?  Translation: I love it & completely recommend it.)
  • Jesse's Girl "Blackout" ($.99 I think? @ RiteAid.  This is a pretty standard black polish.  I find that it's more opaque & therefore better for stamping than its NYC equivalent, although it is full of nasty icky chemicals and I need to find a better go-to black.  BY THE WAY, the outer cap is off in this photo because when I bought this polish it really bothered me that I couldn't get the square cap to screw back on straight and line up.  It wasn't until I saw a picture on a blog that I realized the outer cap comes off. So, for all the other slightly obsessive-compulsive ladies out there, take the outer cap off & pop it back on straight when you close the bottle.)
  • CoverGirl Boundless Color Nail Sparkle Topcoat "Blown Glass" ($??  Topcoat. GRRRRR.  This worked fine on my last manicure, but NOT SO MUCH here.  I think it only worked before because I was layering it over Seche Vite.  This stuff does not dry to a solid finish.  If you click the pictures to make them bigger, you'll see that the top coat is kind of dented and scuffed.  That's because I can still dent the topcoat over 24 hours later.  I am not using this product again.
  • Bundle Monster plate BM04 (This plate is actually punched wrong, and half of one of the designs is missing.  I emailed them and they said they'd send me a replacement plate, so I'm waiting to see what happens...) & stamper
  • Cotton balls, Q-Tip, acetone, wooden clothespin, paper towels, old gift card/other scraper (not pictured)
(That awkward pose where you try to show all 5 fingers well)
  • Start with clean, dry nails & a well-ventilated space.
  • Put on your basecoat, let dry.
  • Paint all nails with Kiss Me Here.  I only needed two coats.  Let nails dry completely before stamping.
  • Stamp accent nails (thumb and ring, in this case) with the fish skeleton image from BM04 in black.
  • Carefully slick a topcoat (NOT THE ONE I USED, PLEASE) over all your nails.
  • You're done!  Go fishing.