The other day, I finally got around to sampling the other two Zoya polishes I got, Pippa and Gwin.  I blatantly copied was inspired by this design at Emerald Sparkled.

I like both of these colors a lot.  I haven't tried to wear Pippa alone yet, but Gwin is a surprisingly wearable orange with a bright golden flash.  Unfortunately, the lighting was too indirect to really capture that well here, but it's very prominent in the sun.

  • Sinful Colors basecoat
  • Zoya Gwin
  • Zoya Pippa
  • Seche Vite topcoat
  • Bundle Monster Image Plate BM04 plus stamper, scraper, and other stamping goodies.

I started with a layer of basecoat on all my nails, then two coats of Gwin.  When that was dry, I used Pippa and BM04 to stamp the orange patterns "randomly" on each of my nails.  To get a random look, try to position each stamp differently.  Everything was topped with a layer of Seche Vite.