Hello readers!  My computer tried to explode yesterday morning, so today was spent undergoing the Many Trials of New Technology.  I think everything is just about up and running now, so I'm getting started catching up with my backlog of unblogged nail designs.  
I would like to claim that I bought this nail polish without having Any Idea At All that it was Justin Bieber nail polish.  Unfortunately, the bottle was clearly labeled and I was completely aware of what I was doing.  
The base is 2 coats of China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le, a pretty creamy cornflower blue. Then I tried to layer Nicole by OPI's Step 2 the Beat of My  (and yes, the label has a symbol rather than the word) over the top.  Well, that did not work out as planned!  The hearts are rather awkward, and must be fished out and placed.  In addition, the polish they're suspended in has a weird, jelly-like consistency.  It was rather tricky to both scoop and place hearts with the provided brush (fat! stubby! funny shaped!) and while I like the end result, I think in the future I may retrieve the hearts from the brush with a toothpick or orange stick or something.  I also think this would let me match the curve of the hearts better to the curve of my nails... some of these hearts curved the opposite way, and all the little edges poking up (even through my Seche Vite!) were just driving me nuts.