Beware, here there be nubbins!

Well, okay, maybe they aren't as terrifying as all that.  But all the same...  Anyway.  This was my Easter manicure.  And can I tell you something?  Some of my biggest fails in nail art come from seeing something pretty and shiny (usually over at Tartofraises or My Simple Little Pleasures) and saying to myself, "Self, that is such a pretty design.  I need to paint my nails... I'm going to try to copy it."  What I fail to take into account is that I do not have nails quite as long as either of these lovely ladies, nor do I have crazy mad skills in water marbling and freehand nail art.  As a result, my results very rarely live up to my expectations.

In this case, I was attempting to copy Tartofraises' beautiful design (here!) since it looked so beautiful and sparkly and sunny and perfect for Easter.  This is actually less of a failure than some earlier attempts of this sort, but it's still not nearly as pretty as her flawless work.  I also added dots in an attempt at copying the metallic glitter she used, but I think, for tiny nails, it looks better without.

(Super artsy fuzzy bottle pic & the rest courtesy of the new lens I'm borrowing from a friend and f/1.8)

I used my usual Sinful Colors Basecoat and Seche Vite to top it off.  A note about topcoat for designs like this:  Because the polish is thick to make the drag marbling work, it will smear when you try to put on topcoat (this is why the thumb there looks kind of funky.)  Wait a good 5 minutes before you try to apply topcoat.  I used China Glaze Lemon Fizz instead of the ORLY Lemonade that she used, and I just happened to have the same gold (ORLY Glitz & Glamour) to make the design with.  And now, instead of attempting to describe the process myself, I will direct you to Tartofraises' convenient video, should you wish to attempt this yourself.

P.S.!  Have you voted in my little poll about what I should do with my two bottles of Green Ocean?  Today is the last day to give me your input, and I'll post the verdict (and the giveaway?) next month!