Hello dear lovely readers and my 21 (hooray!) followers... today I have just a quick post for you as I procrastinate editing a 20-page paper.
Last month I came across a large display of Sinful Colors' Green Ocean and of course I snapped up a bottle.  It's a wonderful blue-green flakie polish in a nearly transparent base.  Apparently my color-picking brain was just out on vacation when I decided to paint my nails last night, though!
First, I must tell you that this polish is much prettier than these pictures show.  There's a blue-purple flash that isn't showing up in these at all.  These pictures were taken with my bitty camera, though, so I think I'll be able to get some better pictures with my good camera.  This is three coats, though one or two would be much better over the right color base.  I think this polish would look awesome over a bluer-tinged green, a dark blue, a black, and maybe even the right shade of purple... but it looks horrid over one coat of Sally Hansen Lickety-Split Lime.  Don't be like me.

More posts, shinier designs, and nicer pictures to follow soon (although I do have another fail to post...) once this paper has been put to rest.  Hope you all have a colorful week!