Hello again!  Today's nails are more inspired by the design of the dress rather than coordinating with it.  I don't think I would actually wear this manicure with the matching dress, but it would be fun with something subtle-er for a prom or formal occasion.

Today's dress courtesy of my lovely friend Sara, face disguised to protect the innocent.  She picked it up because it was $16 (Seriously, where do all my friends get these sorts of deals?  I never have such luck.) and because she needed a slinky red or gold dress to play the Goddess of Fortune in an opera.  Unfortunately, it's a very chameleon-y color, looking red-orange or orange-y red or even pinkish in different lights.
I was inspired to do this manicure mostly because I'd just acquired a nail polish in almost exactly the same color.

  • Sinful Colors Basecoat
  • No Miss Palmdale Paprika (Retails for about $8 at your local schmancy natural foods store.  I got mine at the Sacramento Co-Op, but when I was a kid I had a couple of these from Nugget Markets, a CA grocery mini chain.  This particular color, like all metallic shades, can be a bit brushstroke-y, but it makes up for it in incredible opacity and shine.  I don't remember their other shades being this opaque, so I think they've improved their formula... this only took 2 coats, but I probably could have gotten away with one.  I also think this may well be a good red polish for stamping.  Whew, that was long.  Next!)
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Disco Ball (holo glitter)
  • Sinful Colors Queen of Beauty (very dense silver glitter)
  • Rhinestones
  • Seche Vite topcoat

After my basecoat was dry, I applied 2 (veery thin) coats of Palmdale Paprika.  Once that had dried, I drew my diagonal lines on all my nails (and an X on the ring finger) with Disco Ball.  Over that, I drew all of my lines again with Queen of Beauty.  I was hoping the holo glitter would show through more, which it didn't... it would probably be better to reverse the order of the colors of glitter for a little more rainbow sparkle.
I applied the rhinestones by dabbing a little Seche Vite over the X on my ring fingers, then quickly placing a flower-shaped rhinestone in the center and an oblong one on each leg/extention of the X.  I added one layer of Seche Vite over everything to seal it off and take away the extra glitter texture.

What do you think of this color and design?  Have you ever tried No Miss brand nail polish?