Good morning, internet!  I have for you today another manicure that was heavily inspired by (read: copied from) the most recent post by Trincess over at Emerald Sparkled.  The third design here is a purple scotch tape/right angles manicure, inspired by the wonderful and talented Erika (Chloe's Nails).  

I loved the design, and since I have been lacking any good ideas and creativity in the nail polishing department (I blame the nubbins) I decided to just give a try at replicating it.  I recently obtained a couple shades of pink polish, one of my least favorite colors, because a good friend has asked me to help her get ready for prom and do her nails and such, and her dress is very pink.  Of course I wouldn't be a proper nail blogger if I didn't test the polishes first, so I decided to use them to recreate the scotch tape design.


  • Sinful Colors Basecoat
  • Confetti Dance Party Pink ($2.99 at CVS Pharmacy.  I hear these are discontinued, so your luck may vary, but I still see this brand in stock at the local CVS.)
  • Jesse's Girl Blackout (Um... I really need to get a new, less chemical-ful, black.  I hear Sinful's Black on Black is good.  Thoughts?)
  • Milani 3D Holographic Digital ($5-ish at CVS and other drugstores.  This is a really scattered holo, so in small bits it doesn't really look holo at all, just really really sparkly.)
  • Seche Vite topcoat
  • Scotch Tape!

The requisite two-handed picture... one of my favorite things about using Scotch Tape to do nail art was how easy it was to make both hands look equally neat.  This picture was taken a day later than the rest, so there's a bit more tip wear.
Erika has in-depth tutorials of several of her tape manis here, but here's a quick run-down of my process for interested parties.

I started with a layer of Sinful Colors' basecoat, and over that applied 3 thin coats of Dance Party Pink.  I probably could have gotten away with 2, but a few nails were horribly uneven (my fault, not the polish's) so I added an extra to all my nails.  It dried quickly on its own, so I opted not to use Seche Vite between every layer of color.  Once I was sure it was dry, I cut a long piece of Scotch Tape and stuck it to my arm a couple times to remove the excess stickum.  Then, I cut the tape into about 1-inch pieces, and split those partially the long way with scissors so that I could just rip apart two thin, straight strips as I needed them for each nail.  After sticking all my tape bits to the edge of the table, I got started polishing.  Working one nail at a time, I taped off a V on each nail, painted a thickish coat of Blackout, and carefully removed the tape.  Once that layer was dry, I repeated the process with Digital.  I didn't feel like one coat was quite thick enough, so I dabbed a little extra polish on the tips with the brush once I had finished all my nails.  Once that layer was dry enough that I didn't have to worry about dragging it with the topcoat, I used a layer of Seche Vite on all my nails to finish them off.
I really loved the end result of this manicure (the pictures really don't do it justice!) and I'm excited to try another Scotch Tape design soon.  Have you used tape to create nail art?