I'm off to the beach for family fun times, so I decided to do a beach-themed manicure to get in the vacation mood.  I really liked how my yellow gradient nails turned out, so I was eager to try another gradient design.  I'd also just picked up some Essence Stampy Plates & Stampy Polish, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to test them out!

In case you couldn't guess from the sheer quantity of picture spam, I love them.  Everything turned out as well as I hoped it would, and I am definitely excited to be heading out to the beach.

I knew I wanted to use Claire's Mood Polish in Happy/Earthy for my lighter color, so I used Zoya Pippa as a base, since the yellow "happy" shade tends to be a bit transparent.  I put on about 2 coats, but I only painted about half of my nail.  After it had dried a bit, I painted a few coats of Happy/Earthy over it.  I did have some trouble telling how I was doing on the coverage, because it was so warm that the nail polish was turning yellow as it dried!  While that was drying, I painted thick french tips on with ULTA Blue Streak.  Thankfully, this polish is really well pigmented, so I was able to get away with one thickish coat. Once everything had dried out, I used an eyeshadow sponge applicator to make a gradient with Blue Streak towards the cuticle.  I thought the gradient looked a little too severe, so I used the other side of the sponge to add a little more Happy/Earthy over the transition zone.
Once all that was dry, I used an Essence Stampy Plate with a hibiscus-type design (I bought 2 plates at ULTA, and this image is on both of them!) and Essence Stampy Polish in Stamp Me! White to create a hawaiian shirt sort of pattern over all my nails.  I was pleasantly surprised by Stamp Me! White, it works well enough (and the price is right!) that I don't feel any need to by the Konad white special polish.

Whew.  That was a lot of description.  One final picture to show you the hot (right) and cold (left) color effects that show up with the mood polish.  Neat, huh?