When I was out shopping to kill time, I happened upon a display of the spring colors from Nicole by OPI.  Of course, I was immediately drawn to the bright, sparkly green.  I ended up picking up a bottle, naturally, and I do think it lives up to its name--this color is a Brilliant Idea.

I have some chipping already in these pictures, after a day or two of wear, partially because I had SO DARN MANY layers of polish on.  How many? Well...

This is 3 coats, which applied quite easily.  Unfortunately, this is also 3 coats of Seche Vite, because this stuff dried like sandpaper.  Totally worth the 7 coats (including base coat...), but next time?  I'll use a layer of Gelous or a similar gel-type topcoat before I bust out the Seche Vite.

Brilliant Idea is a spring green glitter.  Because it has monochromatic glitter in two sizes, a medium-small hex and a very small square (? maybe?) glitter, the finish has an irregular and dimensional look, much more so than polishes with uniformly sized glitter.  Bottom line?  I love it.
And I might just have to pick up a bottle of Nicole's Nickel, which is a gunmetal grey with the same finish.  Oh, the temptation!