Good morning!  Today I have the nails I did while updating my stamping tutorial.  I generally shy away from pinks, but I really ended up liking how this turned out.

The first two fingers on my left hand (the one on the bottom here) turned out majorly funky because I was trying to stamp slowly enough for the boyfriend to take pictures of the process.  Thankfully, all the other nails turned out okay once I moved back to full stamping speed, and the goof isn't too visible in the pictures or in real life.

My base color was Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl, which is easily one of my favorite purple polishes ever.  It's a  blue-purple jelly with hot pink glitter flecks.  Due to the jelly formula, it's a bit sheer (I always need 3 coats) and being over skin tone warms up the purple base a bit.  It dries to an amazing smooth shine, just like you'd expect a jelly polish to do.  Over that, I stamped with Milani Hot Orchid and the circle design from Bundle Monster image plate BM19. (An aside:  You may have noticed I haven't been doing much stamping lately.  Also, I'm just about the only blogger who hasn't picked up the new Bundle Monster series yet.  I think I've been sulking.)  I topped everything off with a layer of Seche Vite.

I really liked the end result- I thought it looked glow-y and lit from within in several lights.  I think I've made my peace with my stamping plates now.