Today's nails are brought to you by my recent bout of geekiness.  I grew up without a TV, and consequently I  didn't get to play many video games when I was younger. The boyfriend is now trying to help me fill these gaps in my gaming education, and is starting with Zelda.  So... we downloaded Ocarina of Time on the Wii virtual console, and then Majora's Mask, and I'm now playing Phantom Hourglass on the DS (he found a used copy & is letting me have first playthrough).

Since I've been playing so much Zelda, I decided to attempt some freehand nail art of the ubiquitous fairies that appear throughout the series.  

Fairies, as it turns out, are much trickier to draw than they have any right to be.  I painted all my nails with Sinful Colors Black On Black as a background.  I made the centers of the fairies' bodies with a piece of sponge and Milani Digital, then I went over that with Milani Hot Orchid.  When I was satisfied with the little glowy spot I'd created, I used a nail art brush, a small dish of acetone, and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On to create a fairy body and wings.  I used a few dabs of Petites Purely Pearl to smooth out the brushstrokes and make the fairy look more glowy.  I also ended up adding more pink (mostly Digital) to correct the fairy body shape.  The rest of the glowy spots were just made with Digital, Hot Orchid, and White On.  The first two were applied with the sponge and the white was added with a dotting tool.
(This is where I should have included a bottle/materials picture of everything I used.  Oop.)

Fairy Close-up!
I think I really need a smaller nail art brush to successfully do this kind of freehand art.  Also, I think acrylic paint would probably be much easier to manipulate.  At least I'll know what to do better next time!
What do you think?