Hello, and welcome to the new readers - I've been enjoying watching my Blogger stats, and I noticed that at some point my page views shot up by about 10x, so that's great fun for me!

This mani is from about a week ago.  I was at ULTA (always a dangerous decision) when I discovered that there was a new display of Essence polishes.  Since I live in California, and Essence is a European brand, I'm way behind the curve.  All the same, I picked up 6 polishes and 2 stampy plates.

For this manicure, I used my usual Sinful Colors Basecoat, followed by 2 coats of Pure Ice Kiss Me Here (who names these things?), one thin coat of Essence Circus Confetti (much more aptly named), and a final layer of Seche Vite.  
The pictures really don't do this combination justice.  Circus Confetti is a really neat mix of very small glitter, slightly larger round glitter, and medium hex glitter.  There's a pretty complete rainbow of colors in this polish, although not every color is represented in every size of glitter.  Indoors and in open shade, the glitter particles took on a glow of their own.  I think this is a much more wearable glitter than the original trendsetter, Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday, and I like it better than the other more affordable knock-offs, Milani Gems, Wet 'n' Wild Party of Five Glitters, NYX Carnival and ULTA Pinata-Yada-Yada. (Is that all of them?  There are quite a few...)  I should note, in case you are dead set on dupe-ing Happy Birthday, that Circus Confetti is different from the other rainbow glitters because it has 3 sizes of glitter rather than just 2.

What do you think of the rainbow glitter trend?  Is it fun and festive or just too much?