While we were in Madison, my boyfriend and I stopped into a Walgreens to pick up a few toiletries we forgot to pack.  While he was looking for things, I was nosing around the beauty section, and I noticed a display of Sinful Colors neon polishes.  When he found me browsing the polishes, my boyfriend (always the troublemaker) convinced me that I really ought to buy one.  So I grabbed Summer Peach, a fluorescent orange reminiscent of road construction safety gear.

Since I brought my nail polish supplies with me on vacation (don't you?) I wasted no time in putting on my new find.  It was fabulously and eye-searingly bright, and I got lots of compliments from the other women at the festival.

Like most (all?) neons, Summer Peach dried very quickly to a semi-matte finish.  It was rather sheer, so the pictures above are at least 3 coats, with 4 on the thumb and other uncooperative nails.  It was really hard to photograph because it is SO eye-searingly bright,  but I think this is pretty close.  I also topped it with a coat of Seche Vite for shine and added protection.