Erm, as you can see... creative titles aren't my thing today.  I'm going on vacation (yes, again), so I've got some scheduled posts lined up to keep you company while I'm gone.  If I can't get online while I'm gone, I'll see you all again in a week.

  • Sinful Colors Basecoat
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Quick Brick (I snagged this color from a Limited Edition display in Walgreens... I was hoping it would work as well for stamping as Silver Screen (it doesn't).  It's a deep metallic red with a slightly dingy base.)
  • OPI Silver Shatter
  • Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat (I bought a bottle when I ran out of Seche Vite after reading a rave review for it at Lacquerized.  I'll update you more after I've been using it for a while.)
This is just 2 coats of Quick Brick over the basecoat, and although I probably could have gotten away with one, I find that a single coat doesn't quite hold up to being tugged around by shatter polish.  I very quickly applied Silver Shatter, which was a bit difficult because Insta-Dri polishes dry quickly and Silver Shatter shatters best over wet polish.  I think I managed decently, though.  Everything was topped off with a layer of the Quick Dry Top Coat.