First:  VICTORY!  I managed to not get the dreaded "Unexpected Error" when I tried uploading these photos for the umpteenth time this morning.  Hooray!

When I got back from Wisconsin (where I eventually caught an 18-inch smallmouth bass... glad I got some fishing luck!) my nails had grown out a fair amount and I didn't want to put anything dark or overly loud on them... so I dug into my rarely-used pinks and did something a little more feminine than usual.  Pfew.  Glad that's out of my system!

I used Confetti Dance Party Pink for the base... 3ish coats, since it's a bit sheer.  Then I stamped it with Bundle Monster Image Plate BM16 and Essence White Stampy Polish. I love the flower design on BM16, I don't know why I didn't use it sooner!  I also dotted the middle of the flowers with Milani Digital just for a little more interest.  And honestly?  I kind of love it.  Don't expect to see any more pink for a while, though!