If all goes well and there are no unfortunate flight delays, by the time this post goes live I'll be relaxing at my grandparents' house and drinking a cup of coffee to get over the jetlag.

For this manicure, I used Sinful Colors Forget Now as the base color and Sinful Colors Black on Black for the tips.  Forget Now is a bright pink glass-flecked polish with a slightly jelly-like base.  If it isn't a dupe for China Glaze's 108 Degrees, it's certainly close enough that I don't think I need both!  It's also an incredibly difficult color to photograph.  It's a bright blue-based pink, and the glass flecks flash slightly blue in some lights... I did my best to edit these pictures to be the accurate color.

For the tape designs, I used scotch tape to make a zig-zag pattern.  I was inspired by the lightning bolt manis that Jane does at Nailside, though mine is much less elegant.  From a distance, several people thought it was a yin-yang design.

If I can get more internet, I'll show you the fish nails I've got for vacation! Have a sparkly and wonderful week! :)