I always feel like such an irresponsible blogger when life prevents me from posting regularly... I'm trying to avoid starting every blog post with an apology, so... maybe I just won't?  School is in full swing now, so maybe I'll just tell you some of the busy things I'm doing while not nail blogging.
Speaking of school... I discovered there are more people in my voice studio who love nail polish than I thought, and none of them have stampy plates... so we may have more guest nails to post soon if they come over to play with the sparkly things.  Which is fun.

Anyway.  This manicure was really inspired by this beautiful green duochrome stamping at The Polished Perfectionist.  I do not have that duochrome (but shoot dang, now I want to order it!) so I tried to replicate the effect by using two colors of stamping polish.


  • Sinful Colors Basecoat
  • Pixel Humdinger (these bitty little bottles are a new thing at ULTA.  They're about $2.50, and there's a wide range of colors.  The brushes are pretty easy to work with for their small size.  I picked up a couple, I'll show you the others later.)
  • ULTA unlabeled blue metallic mini
  • Icing Chrome Bright Green (Icing's chrome polishes are great for stamping!)
  • Bundle Monster Image Plate BM210, stamper, scraper, etc.
  • Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat 

(Indoor Light)

After applying the basecoat/letting it dry, I applied 2 layers of Humdinger.  It took a little longer to dry than I thought it should.  To stamp, I applied the ULTA blue polish to the top end of the image on BM201 and Chrome Bright Green to the bottom half.  I scraped sideways to avoid pulling one color over the other.  In retrospect, I wish I'd gotten more green in each stamp, it's hardly visible on the finished nail.  I finished the design with Quick Dry Top Coat.

What do you think of two-color stamping?  Is it worth the effort?