Open shade
 Good morning, lovely readers!  I hope today finds you well.  As I type this, I am waiting (ever so patiently) for my tea water to boil so that I may have my morning dose of caffeine.  Anyway. I did these nails a few days ago (I'm still getting through my un-posted backlog) when I was playing with crackle/shatter nail polish.  I have OPI's Black Shatter and Silver Shatter, so I decided to come up with a manicure to incorporate both.

Open shade
 I was inspired by Trincess at Emerald Sparkled, she always the most tasteful and coordinated skittles manicures.  For the most part, I think my attempt turned out pretty well.  You can see that my left middle finger got kind of dented because the very thick coat of glitter I put on took forever to dry.  I'm also not totally happy with the stamp I used for my pinkies... and, in the future, I think I might mix up the order on the two different hands to make things look a little more uniform.
Anyways, live paint and learn!

  • Sinful Colors Basecoat (not pictured)
  • Sinful Colors Black on Black 
  • OPI Silver Shatter
  • OPI Black Shatter
  • Sinful Colors Secret Admirer (Black full of silver microglitter)
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Silver Sweep
  • Nicole by OPI Make U Smile (Silver hex glitter & icy blue microglitter)
  • Sinful Colors Queen Of Beauty (very dense silver glitter, I apparently forgot to grab it and put it in the picture!  So it isn't there.  But I used it.)
  • Bundle Monster Image Plate BM213 (& other stamping necessities)
  • Heart-shaped rhinestones (from Sally Beauty Supply, not pictured)
  • Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat (not pictured) and Seche Vite (also not pictured.  I used Revlon for the thumb, index, and pinky, and Seche Vite for the middle and ring, which had the most polish and things to stick on.)

Open shade
Thumb: 2 coats of Black On Black, one thickish coat of Make U Smile.
Index: 2 coats of Silver Sweep, one thin coat of Black Shatter.
Middle: 2 coats of Secret Admirer, then I used Queen of Beauty to make a gradient, getting thicker at the tip.  I should have let this dry more between coats to avoid denting.  Even the layer of Seche Vite I added wasn't enough to totally dry the glob of glitter quickly.
Ring: 2 coats of Black on Black, one thin-ish coat of Silver Shatter, dabbed on, while the second coat of black was still wet.  After that dried, I used a bit of Seche Vite to stick a heart-shaped rhinestone near the cuticle.  I also sealed over the rhinestone with Seche Vite when I added topcoat to the nail.
Pinky 2 coats of Silver Sweep stamped with Secret Admirer and the concentric-oval-pebble type design from BM213.

Phew!  that was a lot.  Some plain ol' boring single color swatches up next.  I hope you have a lovely day!  I think I will, now that I have my tea :)