I was lucky enough to find the entire On the Prowl collection by Wet n Wild at the CVS adjacent to my local Safeway.  I just popped in while I was out to get groceries, and boom!  There was a whole display of glitters looking me in the face.  I got three of the colors:  Behind Closed DoorsTangled in my Web, and Cougar Attack.  

All photos indoors with Compact Fluorescent lighting
 Today I have for you a swatch of my favorite of the three, Behind Closed Doors.  This is one sexy color.  Behind Closed Doors is a black jelly polish that's chock-full of red hex glitter and small round red glitter.  It's supposedly a dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Ruby Red Slippers, and although I can neither confirm or deny these allegations, there's a comparison post over at Vampy Varnish if you want to check it out.

There are two problems with this polish.  The first is the notoriously bad and mop-like brush that is in all of the Wet n Wild fast dry polishes.  It's awful.  I did attempt to clean up around the cuticles in these photos, but this was really about the best I could do.  I want to decant this into an empty polish bottle that has a decent brush to use!
The second problem is that the black jelly component of this polish is really, really sheer.  It takes more than three coats to build up to full opacity, and I just don't have the patience for that.  For this manicure, I started with a layer of black polish and layered Behind Closed Doors over it.  The only problem with that method is it doesn't give that awesome effect of glitter pieces floating in squishy black jelly polish.  There had to be a better way to deal with such potentially gorgeous polish!

My solution? I used the mop-brush to remove a couple blobs of polish from the bottle, and then, once I was sure there was enough room in the bottle, I added several drops of Sinful Colors Black on Black.  I gave it a few good shakes and tested the opacity again.  I found that this addition made the polish opaque enough to build up easily.  Pictured are two coats of the thickened polish over a thin coat of black and one coat of the original polish.

Have you found the On the Prowl collection where you live?  What colors did you grab?