Good morning, lovely readers.  Today I have for you a rather successful layering experiment, if I do say so myself.
As you may have seen, I picked up the Color Club Poptastic collection at Ross the other day,  so of course I had to play with one of my new colors!

I used my Sinful Colors Basecoat, then 2 or 3 (can you tell I'm behind on my posting?  I'm having some memory troubles...) coats of Color Club Pucci-licious (which my brain keeps reading as Puccini-ous because I am an Opera geek and not a Fancy-Italian-Designer geek) which dries to a semi-matte finish.  It actually looks a lot like the finish on the new Illamasqua Theater of the Nameless polishes.  Then I used a thin coat of the Forever21 polish, which, as near as I can figure out, is AC-NED-23.  But really it's holo hex glitter and holo tiny glitter in a clear base and it sparkles like nobody's business.  Once that was dry, I painted on a coat of OPI Black Shatter, and topped everything off with NYC's fast-dry top coat, which appears to be called Grand Central Station.

Blurry sun pictures, to show you the sparkles.  My fingers are all scrunched together because I'm trying to get one of the beams of light that comes in between our fenceposts.  For the first picture, I set the camera to a long exposure and wiggled my fingers so you could see more of the sparkle.  Nifty, huh?