Open shade

A quick post, as I am playing catch-up with my backlog of photos...
As I mentioned, I was at my cousin's wedding this past weekend. We have a running family love of all that sparkles, so I decided to wear China Glaze Mrs. Claus from last winter's holiday collection.  I applied it in a bit of a hurry, and you can see that I've managed to dent the end of my ring finger, but in real life this polish is so spectacularly glittery that nobody will notice.

This is three thin coats, which I think gives plenty of opacity.  The first time I used this polish is here, and you can see that the lighting makes a big difference to what color Mrs. Claus looks.  It ranges from a light red to a bold pink, depending on the quality of light.  It seems to be made of medium-ish silver hex glitter suspended in a pinkish-red jelly base.  And did I mention the sparkles?

Back with more soon, Happy Thursday, everyone!