Firstly: Welcome to all my new followers!  I now have over 50 followers on this blog, which is very exciting to me.  Once I scrape together some money for postage and come up with a suitable occasion, I will probably hold a giveaway...

Once again, the pictures in this post were taken in my sorry excuse for a light box (I'll have to show you in a later post) because the days are getting shorter and my rehearsals are getting longer!

This is Wet n Wild Creepy Pumpkin from the Fantasy Makers Halloween polishes.  It's a very juicy-looking yellow-leaning orange jelly polish packed with tiny glitter.  I think all of my photos are a little too red-tinged... the orange doesn't play nice with artificial light and my skin tone.

I used 3 coats of polish, which was enough on my nubby nails, but on longer nails you might need a fourth coat (or a more opaque base coat) to avoid visible nail line.  The polish dries a little gritty, so you'll need topcoat to make it smooth and shiny, but removal isn't as bad as usual for glitter polishes, possibly due to the jelly-ish base.