I may have mentioned (once or ten times) that I've been kind of busy this month.  Sunday night was the end of Sacramento Opera's production of Pagliacci (Wikipedia synopsis), and yesterday was the first of my school's opera scenes performance.  We're doing the scenes again tonight, and if you are so inclined, apparently it will be livestreamed (8pm Pacific time) so that anyone can watch it.  Which is pretty nifty, but also rather intimidating!

A few pictures from backstage for Pagliacci... above are the black beaded gloves I wore... I'd like a pair, please!  And some of the general dressing-room hubbub.  Our costumer was going for a late 1920s/ early 1930s look.

And here is my own costume.... which I loved!  I want a dress like this now.  Perhaps I can make one?  It had buttons up the front and back, high side slits, and lots of dangly fringe.  My hat, on the other hand, was a bit bedraggled... you can see a few sad little pink feathers sticking out.
On a related note:  Isn't the stage makeup a shade or two darker than actual skintone a good look? :p

Okay.  Back to our regularly scheduled nail polish soon!