All photos outside, open shade

I keep sitting down at my computer with good intentions to paint my nails/edit pictures/work on a blog post, and invariably I get distracted by some other pressing and important task and suddenly it has been five whole days and no posting has happened.  So, as I sit down with my breakfast of cheesecake, I will write a post.

I really should introduce some new tag for pictures that have been sitting around, unposted, for this long.  I painted these about a month ago, when I was throwing a 21st Birthday party for my boyfriend.... but then of course it was October and time for Halloween type things and not so much time for an explosion of glitter.  My nails were remarkably sparkly, and they wore quite well considering how much glitter was on them.

For this excessively glittery manicure, I used....
  • Sinful Colors Basecoat
  • ORLY Glitz and Glamour
  • Essence Circus Confetti
  • NYC Grand Central Station (quick-dry topcoat)

 After applying my base coat, I used two coats of Glitz and Glamour, followed by a thin coat of Circus Confetti.  Over that, I added two more coats of Circus Confetti, the first from just below the cuticle and the second to the tips only to create a slight glitter gradient.  And that was that!  I just threw on a layer of topcoat and, voila!, incredibly sparkly nails.

Gratuitous blurred picture
 I think this sort of glitter bomb nail design would be perfect for a party or New Year's Eve.  What do you think?  Do you love glitter?