I realized Thursday night that I could, in fact, wear nail polish even though I'm in a show.  Why?  Because part of our 1920s - 1930s period costuming is gloves.  Nobody will ever see my hands while I'm onstage!  Just my sparkly black beaded gloves.  (Also, I now want a pair of beaded gloves, please.)

All pictures taken with compact fluorescent lighting

I'm still kind of pressed for time (this post is serving as procrastination from a 3-page state report...  I feel like I'm back in high school!) so I just did the color alone without any art or other fancy business.  Thankfully, I picked a color that didn't need any help!
I also am trying making my blog layout a little wider and bumping up to the next size of photos.  Opinions?

For my conveniently hidden manicure, I decided to try out ORLY Luxe from the Foil FX collection of Spring 2010. (right?)  I've been on a hunt for the holy grail of gold polishes, and this one sure comes close.  I used my Sinful Colors Basecoat as always, and followed it up with two medium-ish coats of Luxe.  I topped everything with a coat of NYC Grand Central Station.

The finish on this polish is really fun.  Instead of being all one color, Luxe is made up of tiny gold and silver particles, which give it much more depth (and wearability, for me!) than a solid gold polish.  I really love this polish and I can definitely see myself wearing it for the holiday season and beyond... I'm hoping it will play well with some of my royal purple polishes for nail art, and I have yet to try it for stamping, but a preliminary Google-ing looks encouraging.

OK.  Back to my paper!