Hello lovely readers.  Today I have for you a manicure from about a month ago that I never got around to posting.  My nails, as you can tell, were a bit on the uneven side, and I wanted something that wouldn't draw attention to their lopsided-ness.

 I decided to go for a nude nail with a glitter gradient.  I ended up really liking this effect.  The pictures are really not very color accurate at all... I included a cell phone shot below which is not nearly as nice looking, but shows the colors better.

I used my Sinful Colors Basecoat, conveniently already slightly tinted, followed by three coats of Essence 05 Simply Nude.  Simply Nude is a bit on the sheer side, due to its purpose as a french manicure polish.  It did dry a bit darker and pinker than the bottle color... unfortunately, I don't have a great picture to show how much.  I painted gradient tips with China Glaze White Cap.  This probably would have been even easier with a sponge, but I just started by wiping most of the polish off the brush and painting about two-thirds of the way up my nail.  I increased the amount of polish for subsequent layers as I moved closer to the tip.  I topped it of with NYC Grand Central Station, a quick-dry topcoat.

There, that's much closer to the color that this appeared most of the time.  Pretty, huh?

And now, for something completely different... if you're still looking for last year's Cosmic FX collection, you might check your local ULTA.  I snuck out my cell phone and took this picture of what is nominally a Mineral FX display... although the majority of the colors are actually from Cosmic FX!  Unfortunately, they still cost $10, since ULTA apparently has no idea they're from last fall's collection.