Good morning, lovely readers!  I'm going to put up a year-in-review retrospective tonight or tomorrow morning, but for the moment, I have one last manicure of 2011 for you!

My birthday was yesterday-- I'm one of those unfortunate few people who has a birthday between Christmas and New Year's.  Usually, everyone I know is out of town and I spend a rather boring day by myself wandering around town looking at after-Christmas sales.  This year, the wonderful boyfriend came over and made me breakfast and then we took a long hike with my parents.

My birthday manicure was Butter London Lady Muck, one of my Christmas present polishes!  Lady Muck is a pale greyed blue.  The color is very blue in these photos, but it leans teal in some lights.  The polish is packed with fine silver glitter... it reminds me of rain on a window.  I ended up using three very thin coats for total coverage.

Here's a closer shot of the glitter... so pretty!  The surface is a little dinged up because I was in a hurry and didn't put on topcoat... I didn't have my acetone & brush with me either, so these are nails with no cleanup!  I've improved my painting skills significantly in this past year by polishing my nails regularly.  My cuticles are still taking a beating in the winter, though... time to slather on some more Burt's Bees lemon cuticle balm.

And just for fun... a picture from the middle of our hike.  The beginning of the hike was all UP, followed by some up and down over a knife-edge ridge, and then a whole lot of DOWN on a big wide fire road.

Hope you all enjoy your New Year's celebrations... I'm off to stretch my poor stiff legs and get things in order for tonight's party :)