All photos outdoors, open shade
 Hello lovely readers!  Today I have for you another swatch-y post.  I was singing at a Christmas party a few days ago, and decided to go with bright and shiny gold nail polish so as to be sufficiently festive.  I headed straight for the gold-est foil-y-est polish in my collection, ORLY Glitz and Glamour.
My hands have been taking a beating with the dry winter weather we've been having lately!  I've been trying to remember to moisturize, but I can't find my little tub of cuticle butter.  It's lasted me a year, I suppose I could break down and buy a new one.

As you can see, cleanup around the cuticles can be a bit annoying with a foil polish.  The little foil-y bits are terribly sticky, and don't tend to come up with the brush.  I already had some tipwear when I took these photos, but they're just too gold and shiny to take off... so you'll have to wait to see my solution!

Anyway, a polish review:  ORLY Glitz and Glamour is a bright yellow-gold foil.  It applies easily and smoothly, and takes three coats for full opacity.  You might be able to get away with two... it's so shiny, I doubt anyone would notice... but for photos I wanted three.  It's kind of messy if it gets anywhere, and you will be scrubbing little gold foil particles for days.  Removal is easy as pie.  I'm not a gold kind of gal, but if you are, you might like this polish.