All pictures taken inside with compact fluorescent lighting.  White balance is pretty good, but not quite right...

Good morning, lovely readers!  Today I have for you pictures of ORLY (ya rly) Androgynie, from the 2011 Holiday Soireé collection.  I bought this polish after seeing swatches of it on several other blogs and thinking, "oooh, pretty!"  And, well... here's a hint for how I feel about it:  I didn't clean up the polish around the cuticles (as you can see...) because I figured I'd be taking it off soon anyway.

Androgynie is a charcoal-black jelly with loads of fine gold and holo glitter.  It also has a smattering of larger hex glitter in a range of colors.  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have enough suspending agent in it, so the glitter sticks to the sides of the bottle and sinks to the bottom if it gets left on the shelf for a while.  It takes several minutes of vigorous shaking, or some shaking and some stirring (!) to get the pretty sparkles back into suspension.  This is also an issue when the polish dries... the glitter sinks down within each layer of polish and becomes difficult to see.  I applied three coats to get the opacity seen here, and only got a few pieces of hex glitter on each nail.  Perhaps more thorough shaking would have garnered me a few more?

In summary... Androgynie is an interesting color.  I like the idea of it, and I love it in the bottle, but in application it just doesn't work right.  I also think it ends up looking better in photos than it does in real life, because it's so subtle that the details only come out in close-up shots.  I don't really regret buying it, but unless you're totally over the moon about this one, I'd suggest you give it a pass, at least until you can find it for less than full price.