All swatch pictures taken outdoors, in open shade

Good morning, lovely readers!  Today I have a swatch that's been tucked away in my photos folder for a few months.  I found it today while I was sifting through for things I might have missed.  I can see why I didn't post it at the time... look at those nubbins!

Today's polish is ORLY Lunar Eclipse from the Fall '10 Cosmic FX collection.  Since my local ULTA put out all of the polishes on display with the Mineral FX collection, I now have all but one of them!  Lunar Eclipse is obviously the bottle on the far right.  It's a sparkly royal blue with a magenta duochrome effect.

Here's a straight-on view for maximum blue-ness.
I found Lunar Eclipse easy to apply, and I think I needed three thin coats for perfect coverage.

I know some bloggers didn't think the duochrome effect on this polish was as strong as the others in the collection, but I think it shows up pretty well... especially in open shade or under those awful fluorescent classroom lights.

That's all for today!  I've just painted my nails again, and I'll be skipping outside soon to take some photos.