Why hello there, blog.   I believe I have been neglecting you.  It's understandable, you see... the semester has just started, and I am making vain attempts to get all of my ducks in a row so that I won't be totally overwhelmed when February happens.
What?  You aren't buying it?  Fine.  I guess.

Today I have for you a rather lazy gradient mani -- I added the sponged gradient tips when the original polish had started to chip too much for my liking!  I also have super fuzzy photos, courtesy of f/2.0 and low lighting.

I used my usual Sinful Colors Basecoat followed by 3 thin coats of Hard Candy Mr. Wrong.  He's the bluer-toned cousin of all of those pinky-purple & gold polishes that have been taking the world by storm (like Zoya Faye, OPI Rally Pretty Pink or It's My Year, ORLY Rock the World or Oui)  ... and it's a fun color, although the finish is a little busy for me normally.  It's difficult to combine these sorts of colors with anything else nail-art wise.  Fortunately, ORLY Luxe is almost the same color as the glitter in Mr. Wrong, so I was able to sponge it on for a fairly smooth transition.  And I finished it off with a topcoat of NYC Grand Central Station (yet again!).

What do you think of these super-sparkly colors?