Outside, open shade

Good morning, lovely readers!  Today, I have for you some more stamping!  I'm finally getting back into the stamping mode.
Also, if you're noticing the shredded, peely edges of my fingertips and going "Ewww, gross, why would you post that?" ...I was playing guitar for the first time in ever about a week ago.  That's what it did to my fingertips.  Also ow.

I think this design at Emerald Sparkled was floating around in the back of my head while I was doing this manicure.  I was debating between white and silver for the stamps, and I think I might have preferred white, simply in the interest of not having two metallic colors on top of each other.

Inside, compact fluorescent lighting.  The green is a little blue-er than this photo.

I used my Sinful Colors Basecoat, followed by two thin thin coats of Sinful Colors Black on Black.  I made the dots by dabbing a bit of Icing's metallic Bright Green (also good for stamping!) on a bit of paper and using a pencil eraser as a dotting tool.  I then used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Silver Sweep with the flower image (bottom row, middle image) on one of the Essence stamping plates I've found at ULTA.  I had a little trouble getting a clean transfer here, although I'm not totally sure why.  I may have been scraping too hard, or else the plate may not have been etched deep enough.  It still worked for this design, though!  And I finished it off with a top coat of NYC Grand Central Station.

Whaddaya think?