Good evening ladies (and gents, if there are any of you reading)... Today's manicure is a little on the silly and kitschy side.  And you know what?  I like it!
I have been having way too many shopping trips lately where I go to a store, have trouble finding anything I like, discover that none of it flatters my body type, and leave empty handed.  In retaliation, I put on my foofyest skirt and my tallest heels and painted my nails red.  That wasn't quite enough, so I decided to go a bit further and stamp some fabulous pumps on my nails with Bundle Monster Image Plate BM213.

I ended up liking the high heels stamp much more than I thought I would.  It's silly up close, and it just looks like a bold pattern from a distance.  I managed to muck up the thumb (I swear, that always happens!) but otherwise I didn't have much trouble stamping this design.

I used my usual Sinful Colors Basecoat, followed by one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Rapid Red.  I painted over that with one coat of Revlon Valentine, which is pretty much my perfect red.  It's got a really interesting semi-jelly finish, which unfortunately makes building up opacity kind of annoying, especially for highly impatient people like me.  So layering it over Rapid Red helps me get a decent depth of color with a quicker dry time.  I stamped it with Essence Stamp Me! White and BM213, followed by a top coat of NYC Grand Central Station.

And then I went out shopping.  With much more luck this time, I might add!  I've really been inspired by Konadlicious and her fun vintage fashion, and a few months ago I bought myself a petticoat to wear under my fuller skirts.  After hitting up a few stores for some fun jewelry and accessories and an awesome blue sweater, I headed to the local Joann Fabrics to get some goodies to test out my new sewing machine (an amazing Christmas present from my parents).

Headband/Fascinator & Ring: Icing  -  Top: Aeropostale  -  Skirt: me!  -  Petticoat: Evangeline's  -  Shoes: Reflection

So I grabbed some felt and made myself a circle skirt.  I think I like it.  Is anybody else having trouble finding flattering clothes with the current fashion trends?  I just end up spending my clothes budget on nail polish after a frustrating day shopping... it always fits!