All photos outdoors, open shade

Good morning, lovely readers!  Today I have for you the manicure I did yesterday. I'm afraid it'll be coming off soon, since as you can see I rather royally smudged my index finger.  I'm not quite sure how that happened.

I wanted to try out ORLY Rock The World, from their MineralFX collection, because it was one of the polishes my lovely boyfriend got for me for Christmas.  I only used two coats in this picture, and I think I might have needed three to get it as dark as the bottle color.  On its own, the color is nice but a little odd.  It's a wine-ish purple-y red (or reddish purple) and gold foil.  I decided to decorate it some with ORLY Glitz and Glamour.

A bottle shot, with the mess that is my polish table in the background...
I think the concept was sound:  Once my two coats of Rock the World were dry, I used thin strips of Scotch Tape to mark off a "V" shape on each nail, and then painted two diagonal strokes with Glitz and Glamour, going over the edges of the tape, to create the upper gold border.  Then I filled in any unpainted bits of the nail tip.  Next I carefully peeled off the tape and applied a thin coat of ORLY Sec 'n Dry, which may be where I went wrong.  I've never used Sec 'n Dry before, and I don't think it sets up as well as other topcoats I've used.

I really like how the chevron design turned out, in spite of the smudging problems I had.  I think it looks a little better in photos than it does in person... both of these polishes are just so darn glittery that it's almost difficult to see the chevrons over the bling!