Good morning!  Winter finally decided to roll in here in the Central Valley, and it finally started raining yesterday.  In rebellion, I decided to paint my nails neon green!  Okay, actually... I got out my swatch wheels and made my boyfriend pick a color and then pick a number and went with that polish.  But it is suitably un-seasonal!

So.  Today's polish is Zoya Mitzi from their Mod Mattes collection.  I picked up a bottle at ULTA on sale, because one can never have too many bottles of lime green polish.

I have mixed feelings about Mitzi.  The color is fabulous... it's a yellow-leaning bright lime green.  It stops just short of fluorescent... it looks quite dim when compared to, for example, my high-visibility biking vest.  I'm not a super fan of the matte effect.  I always think it looks nifty in pictures, but don't like it on my nails in real life.  The application was a bit uneven, due to the quick-drying nature of matte polishes, but I think that was more my inexperience in dealing with them than a problem with the polish.  I used three coats in these pictures, and it's pretty much opaque.  I did apply my normal Sinful Colors basecoat... and while that usually works like a charm for me with Zoya polishes, I noticed chipping pretty quickly with Mitzi.  I think it has something to do with the matte finish... I feel like it dries to a less durable finish than glossy polishes.

I think I'll give Mitzi another try when the weather gets a little brighter.  I think I'll love this color more in the spring and summer, when it matches my mood and wardrobe better.  I also think I'd like to try some nail art over it next time.  A quick Google search brings in several good bits of inspiration.

How do you feel about matte polishes?  What are your tricks for wearing it?