Good morning, lovely readers!  Tonight is the last night of Sac Opera's Rigoletto (Wikipedia synopsis, for the unfamiliar).  You know the opera, it's the one with this song: 

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We're all on the same page now?  Good.... :)  Anyway, I'm in the opera, and although I don't get to sing (I'm a supernumerary, otherwise known as an extra), I get a fabulous wig and a huge costume and I can't paint my nails until the opera closes.  As a result my poor nails have gotten rather nubbin-y, because I'm more likely to pick and prod at them without their thick coating of nail polish and topcoat.

Look, it's me!  This is before I went downstairs to get the rest of my stage makeup...
And a few production shots, courtesy of  Elakis & Elder Photography.  Being on stage is great fun... even if I don't get to sing!
[Elakis & Elder Photography]
[Elakis & Elder Photography]
[Elakis & Elder Photography]

In other upcoming news, I'm giving my senior degree recital in a little less than two weeks... it's rather scary, but also very exciting!  I get to dress up all pretty, sing for an hour, and then go eat dinner.

Recital dress, shoes, and a bracelet
So, I have my dress and shoes, I finally found a bracelet that goes, my friend has a pair of earrings that would be perfect that she doesn't want, so she's sending me those...  I just have to decide on hair, makeup, and nails (of course)!  My jewelry & shoes are almost exactly the color of China Glaze Tinsel Town, but that might be a little too matchy, so I'm open to suggestions if any of you have an idea!