Good morning, lovely readers!  Tomorrow is the big day... my senior voice recital!  For the uninitiated, a degree recital (for a singer, anyway) consists of one person standing and singing about an hour's worth of music, from memory, in at least three or four languages, and accompanied by piano or other instruments.  In short, it's like a combination of defending your thesis and prom, with an audience.
I admit that I am just a smidgen nervous about the whole ordeal.  In the real world, I'm writing half a dozen thank-you cards, baking cupcakes for a post-recital reception, listening to my repertoire on repeat, and going to all my lessons in sparkly heels and jeans.  In the blog world, I'm just fretting over fashion decisions.

Gown: Windsor Dresses // Comb: Creative Touch Beauty // Earrings: 2028, gift from a friend // Shoes: Lulu Townsend Roberta pump // Bracelet: JC Penney
I have my dress and accessories, I'll probably be trying to curl my hair (oh boy...), and my friend Rose is coming up from San Francisco to help me get ready before the recital.  All that's left is to choose a nail polish color!

I've narrowed it down to my top three contenders, in no particular order.  I'll have full posts on all these colors later.  For now, a quick overview:

Essie Tea and Crumpets
This would be the most neutral option.  Tea and Crumpets matches my skintone well, and has a slight shimmer to the finish, giving it a soft appearance.  It can get a little frosty or brushstroke-y if I'm not careful with application (and for these swatches, I wasn't very!).  Pictured is two messy coats, I'd probably up it to three for opacity. 

Still neutral, but with a little more sparkle.  Rage is a rose-gold foil, made of rose and silver particles.  This is also a three-coater.  Up close, it looks glamorous and sparkly, but I'm not so sure about how it would look from a distance...

China Glaze Tinsel Town
The boldest and the sparkliest option by far!  This polish also takes two or three coats for opacity, plus a little extra topcoat to even out the texture.  Tinsel Town is almost a perfect match for my jewelry and accessories.  On the other hand, it might just be too much.

So!  Those are my choices.  Which would you pick?