Good morning, lovely readers!  Today I have for you some guest nails from months and months ago that I keep not posting.  Please excuse the horribly torn nail tips... my friend used to be quite the one to rip off her nail tips once they got too long!  After seeing her nails painted black, though, and realizing how ragged the tips were, she has reformed her ways and now is a cut-and-file sort of gal.

For these nails, I used two coats of Sinful Colors Black On Black for the base color, and then stamped with No Miss Palmdale Paprika and every Chinese symbol on the Bundle Monster plates (BM203, BM206, BM221, & BM225 if you were curious), plus one from the Essence square plates.  We are aware that this demonstrates typical American cultural insensitivity, and if you would like to know what all of those mean, anyway, Pretty Purple Polish has them listed on the plates >>here<<.

The real point of this post, though, is LOOKIE!  It's a red polish that stamps over black pretty danged well!  In the distant past, I also had a gold No Miss polish that worked brilliantly for stamping, and although Palmdale Paprika isn't quite as opaque, that may be because it hasn't been sitting around thickening up for years.  You may be able to find No Miss polishes at your local Co-Op or other earth-hippy sort of grocery store.
Have any of you tried No Miss polishes?  What have your experiences been?