Good morning, readers!  I've been watching my little pageview graph trickle downward and feeling bad about it, so here is a post to kick it back up.  And because I like blogging :)

Indoors, compact fluorescent

Today I have for you the nails I did after my recital.  While my friend Rose was in town, we went shopping and I bought this ridiculous fish costume ring.  Using the ring as inspiration, I decided to do a goldfish-themed nail design.

Indoors, compact fluorescent
 Here is my rarely-seen right hand.  I actually liked how this fish turned out better!  And...

Outdoors, open shade is my left hand!  Sorry about the chipping polish.  Glittery polish always chips the fastest.  I could have used an extra coat of topcoat, you can see that there's still a fair amount of texture.

For this manicure, I started with 3 very thin coats of Zoya Roxy, not pictured because my friend Taylor (who helped me prep for my recital) left it at my apartment, and I decided to do a manicure with it before I returned it to her.  Thanks, Taylor!  I drew the fish with a pencil eraser and pencil point as dotting tools, using Zoya Gwin.  I amped up the sparkle with a bit of ORLY Glitz and Glamour, and finished it off by using Sinful Colors Black on Black to make the eyes.  I only used one layer of topcoat, but I would recommend two if you'd like a smoother finish, Roxy dries a bit gritty.

What do you think?  (It seems kind of fishy to me...)