Hello, lovely readers!  I finally got around to painting my nails again (the midterm that ate my spring break is over), but they've taken some damage in their unpainted time... both of my ring finger nails are nubbins!  So today I have a short and bold design, which I think works nicely on nubbins.

My design for today was inspired by my gym clothes.  Since I work at school, and my uniform involves black pants, I've taken to wearing my yoga pants to work and hitting the gym after whatever concert I'm working is over.  I'd been having some trouble getting back into the swing of exercising, so a few months ago I went and replaced my worn-out running shoes with some snazzy new black and purple ones, and got a pair of yoga pants, a good sports bra, and a few breathable shirts.  It's so much easier to exercise with the right equipment!

But back to the nails.  I took these pictures in the car in the parking lot at work so I wouldn't forget later... and I used my little fujifilm camera instead of my Canon DSLR that I usually shoot with.  My fingers look all funny and distorted!

Unfortunately I don't have bottle shots like I usually do, so I'll just have to tell you.  I used Sinful Colors' Basecoat, followed by 3 coats of Color Club Pucci-licious.  I did the stamping with Sinful Colors Black on Black and Bundle Monster Image Plate BM201.  I think the lines are very much reminiscent of workout attire.  And now, I must head to the gym!  :)