All photos outdoors, open shade
Hello, lovely readers!  I've finally disentangled myself from my busy life... and I'm ready to dive right back in!  Tonight, I go to a dress rehearsal for a concert that will be tomorrow night.  It's all very exciting... So, today, I have a swatch for you in a calming blue color to make up for all the madness.

I picked up Revlon Royal after seeing Let Them Have Polish's re-swatch of the color. Royal is a beautifully glowy and squishy royal-blue jelly polish.  My pictures are two coats... not the most even coats, but that's my fault, not the polish.  This color really does transform a good bit depending on light.  Outside in the shade, it's an almost-neon royal blue... I think my pictures are close to accurate.  Indoors it darkens to a squishy navy blue color.   I'm not quite sure about the color in sunlight, since I scampered outside between a few rain showers to snap these pictures, but I assume it would be bright and glowy.

There's not too much more to say about this polish... Revlon Royal has a beautiful color, great formula, dries quickly (if a little on the matte side... these pictures are all with a layer of topcoat), and is generally awesome.