Open shade

Good morning, lovely readers.  It's been almost a week since I posted something!  Yikes!  And this is actually the polish I had on before Easter, so it's been a while since I managed to take pictures of my nails.  I've tried to paint them once or twice in the past week, but I've lost my favorite clean-up brush, and I keep running out of time to do everything I want to.

Anyway.  Today's polish is China Glaze Ray-Diant from the newish Prismatic Chroma Glitters.  Honestly, I wasn't very taken with the collection, and probably wouldn't have bought this polish.  But since I got it as a bonus sorry-your-order-took-so-long polish, I figured I might as well try wearing it.
I don't remember if I used two or three coats for the pictures, but this is a pretty opaque polish.  It's also really sandpapery on its own and needs some extra topcoat... I think I used two coats of NYC instead of one.

I like Ray-Diant better in person than I do in swatches because it looks a little greener and a little less multicolored.  I couldn't pick up any of the duochrome, though, as much as I tried.

Here it is in sunlight.  Bleh.... I'm just not really taken with it.  It's fine in person, really, but I'm not really fond of it in closeup form.

And just for funsies, this is what I was wearing with it.  Obviously you've seen the skirt on here before, but I figured I'd share another picture of me looking like a total dork with my second-day curls and scuffed shoes.

I'll be back with more posts soon, really!