Greetings dear readers!  Today I have yet another outfit along with my nails, shocking though that is.  I hope that the gorgeousness of the polish makes up for all of these off-topic posts! ;)

Today I have for you China Glaze 2NITE from the OMG collection.  It's a sort of medium periwinkle/sky blue with a crazy holographic rainbow effect.  I used 3 coats here with no topcoat over the Sinful Colors basecoat, and didn't really have any problems with the application.

I figured that Easter was as good a day as any to wear something so bright and colorful.  Besides, it was a good way to take advantage of the warm sunny weather!  As I type this, it's raining outside again.  Hmmm...

Here's my Easter outfit, as photographed by my lovely boyfriend.  We stopped by Starbucks after church for a quick coffee pick-me-up and to enjoy the weather before heading to his aunt's house for dinner.  I'm wearing the least expensive dress I own and the first pair of heeled sandals I've found that fit my silly feet.  And more rag curls! They do so make me happy.
I'm wearing...
Dress: Weave thrift (for $3.50!)
Earrings: 57th Street Antiques mall
Lucite & plastic bangles: Goodwills & 57th Street
Necklace: Gift from a friend
Sandals: Nicole's Shoes (last fall on sale)

The polish was almost the same color as my dress (in the shade, anyway) which made me very happy.

Summer calls for more holographic polishes.  Are you listening, nail polish companies?  I want rainbows!