Good morning, lovely readers!  I must warn you that your hair is on fire and your shoe is untied... you really should check on that.

Today I have some pre-recital nails for you.  I decided to try a few of my purple holo polishes together for my manicure to celebrate the few days of sunny weather (a side note, more sunny weather and more holo polishes coming soon!)

A sunny shot at a funny angle (it was late afternoon by the time I took these pictures) to show you the pretty rainbow colors.   I was really hoping the dark purple would be more glittery, but unfortunately it isn't as bold on the nail as it is in the bottle.

I used Love & Beauty, Forever21's nail polish, in Purple/Multi (creative names, huh?) and Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Amethyst Diamond.  I painted about three coats of Purple/Multi, and one thin coat of Amethyst Diamond over on my accent nails, leaving a little half-moon contrast bare.
I wish the Purple/Multi was as sparkly on the nail as it is in the bottle!  Sadly, most of the holographic particles seem to be stuck to the sides of the bottle... :/