Good morning, and happy Saturday!  We've made it to the weekend... hooray.  Now I have to try to make it through to next weekend... oh boy.  I'll do my best to make it through.
Today's nails are inspired by Simply Rins' Daisy nail art tutorial.  I used nail polish instead of acrylic paints, mostly because I don't have any acrylic paints.  My daisies are a bit more.... um... it's a creative interpretation of the "daisy" concept.

I think they looked OK in person, and I got quite a few compliments.  Up close, they're a bit on the spiky side, but from a distance I guess they looked a little more like flowers.

Here's another photo, a bit more zoomed out.  They still look kind of funky, huh?  Well, you'll just have to take my word for it:  even if your daisies look like the got run over by a herd of cows, people will still compliment you on how amazing they look, so really, you should give it a try.
(Fun costume ring was an $8 buy at the local antiques mall.  It doesn't match at ALL, but it's what I was wearing...)

I started with my Sinful Colors Basecoat, followed by two coats of Essie Coat Azure, a beautiful medium blue with a touch of shimmer.  I drew the flower petals with a thin brush and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On, and I created the centers with a combination of Zoya Pippa and Sinful Colors Pull Over.  I topped it all off with NYC Grand Central Station.

If you want to try this design out yourself, I highly recommend you go look at the amazingly talented Rina's tutorial HERE.