Hello, lovely readers!  Technically it is still Wednesday where I live, and since I've gotten very little else done today (Getting home from a dress rehearsal at 1 AM will do that for you!) I figured I should at least upload a new blog post.

Today, I'm sharing my strategy for keeping track of my nail polish collection.

For my swatches, I use these nail art wheels from Sally Beauty.  There might be a better option, but these are easy to find, and they stack pretty compactly.  I organize my polishes by color.  I have wheels for red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black/white/grey, and silver.  Duochromes live wherever they seem to fit best.
The initial swatching took a while (although when I purchased these wheels, my collection wasn't too big), and now I just add new colors as I buy them.  I like to swatch each polish to full opacity, although that's not really possible with some glitter polishes and special effects topcoats.  For colors that I know won't reach full opacity without a minor miracle, I like to leave the swatch at 1 coat, so that I know what the payoff will be.
I like my little swatch wheels because they enable me to look through my colors quickly and accurately.  I can also "try on" colors when I'm being indecisive by holding the fake nail over my nail bed.  This is particularly useful when a friend comes over and wants to paint her nails with one of the colors from my collection... not an uncommon occurance!

Here's one of my less populated plates laid out with its corresponding polishes.  I numbered the individual colors with a fine point Sharpie, but my organizational strategy ended there.  If I was more organized, my bottles might have corresponding numbers, or I might have my polish archived in a spreadsheet.  Instead, I use the numbers to choose colors when I'm being indecisive-- This method involves me calling to Boyfriend, "Pick a number between 1 and 13!" or something similar and then using whichever polish is assigned to that number.

And there you have it, that's my ever-so unscientific method of keeping track of my nail polish.  Do you have a polish organization and swatching strategy?